Maplin Electronics-Get the Best Electronic Good

One of the largest retailers of electronic goods in UK and Ireland is Maplin Electronics. The brand was established in 1972 by Roger Allen and Doug Simmons as a small business confined in the bedroom of Allen’s house. Inspite of a slow start in the business, the brand Maplin earned a good reputation by supplying the best electronic products.

Now-a-days the brand has expanded its business by opening 180 Maplin Electronic stores throughout United Kingdom and it provides an online catalogue and mail order also. The brand targets to reach the wide range of customers i.e, from general customers to technical experts and expand its business worldwide. It offers a wide range of electronic goods from audio/visual devices, computer components, television and satellite components to electrical goods like bulbs, solar energy panels and power adaptors. The MP3 players and portable televisions sold by the company are best in their quality.

The main attraction of the brand is that Maplin Electronics sells the branded quality products at a consistently lowest price in the local market. The main products that it is selling are TV, video, audio, cooking & small domestic appliances, multimedia and accessories with new technology.

The brand Maplin provides opportunity to everyone to get the best electronic appliance at the lowest price and to enjoy its best service throughout. Buying a plasma TV from Maplin, would be worth spending your money. Plasma televisions from Panasonic, Samsung, Philips, Pioneer and other best quality brands are offered by the company. Apart from the TVs and audio appliances it offers you with a wide variety of DVD Players, VCRs, Remote Controls and Cables.

The online store of the company provides you with the opportunity to select the outstanding collections of electrical goods at the best price. You will enjoy using these products and also to get the best customer service from its well trained staffs.

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  1. Maplin is great for supplying specialist electronic equipment as well as gadgets and other electrical items.

  2. Hello, Superb job. i didn’t anticipate this at once. This is a fantastic content.

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