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Web World shopping or shopping through the internet, best known as online shopping has been one of the major consequences of the growth of the electronic media. What started with the delivery of pizzas in the early nineties has now become a world wide phenomenon probably building on the concept that time is money.Online discount shopping

Gradually with the advancement of technology, shopping over the web has become one of the most sophisticated ways of buying things. Exposure to technology has helped the common people to reach the retailers directly by visiting their websites to purchase various articles and commodities of day to day life. A consumer can visit the virtual shops by clicking the mouse of his computer rather than running from one shop to another.  The price of a particular article can easily be compared with the price at other shops and the choice is also not limited with the stock in hand of a particular shop. It has no geographical boundaries. Anyone can visit a shop anywhere in the world and can place his order as per his choice. The only problem being that he is unable to try out certain things, like shoes and garments in person.

The consumer can purchase the articles just by sitting at home which not only saves his time and energy but also the trouble of carrying the goods back home.  After the goods are purchased, a confirmation mail is sent to his email account and the shop takes the responsibility of delivering the goods. It has also reduced the trouble of standing in a long queue in front of a cash counter and of buying too many items at one time. Rather, just by one click in the mouse the purchased items are added to a virtual carrying cart and the payment can easily be made by a credit / debit card. Apart from saving time and physical exhaustion, the consumer can avail this service on internet through out 24 hours and 365 days. There is no headache of any holiday and the opening and closing hours of a shop. He can take this opportunity to surprise his friends and relatives by sending gifts through these online shops stores.

However, for shopping online the consumer needs a computer with an Internet connection at his home along with online banking facility. Thus, only a particular class of people in the society with the knowledge of the computer and the Internet can avail this   opportunity. At first only people with higher level of income could use this technology but now-a-days with the easy accessibility of the computer and the Internet everywhere people from different classes can enjoy shopping from home.

The advancement of technology also poses the threat of crime as in this case at the time of billing the full information of the customer’s credit card is disclosed and if the website is not secured it can be easily accessed by crooks. In spite of such issues if the customer can buy the items at the lowest price, availing all the discount offers and deals advertised on websites, by sitting at home, it is the best way to enjoy this invention of the web world.


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