Dell Vostro Laptops

Dell Vostro

Dell is a leader in manufacturing computers. This company is offering a variety of desktop as well as laptops in the market. In the laptop category, Dell has two kinds of laptops each has their own set of models. These are Dell precision and Dell vostro.

Dell vostro laptops are available in 8 models like vostro 1015, 1014, 130, 3500, 3400, 3300, 3700 and V13. All are available in different sizes and weights. Their laptop screen sizes range from minimum 11 inch to 17 inch plus. Shape is very smooth with one inch thinness. Easy handling, making it sure that run smoothly for customer’s businesses and portable, so, all time working even when one is out of home or office. As like other laptops, these have all the technical specifications which are necessary. Processor Intel Celeron 900 with operating system Windows 7 gives you reliable and faster work.

These have got wide display and very shining pictures. Systems are provided with one gb memory, hard drive is 160 gb, video card is 512 mb, equipped with optical drive DVD (Read and Write). On all the vostro laptops, one will get at least one year basic limited warranty plus one year mail-in-service. One will get also recommended upgrade. The model will be delivered to user’s home or office directly without any charges. From company, one will get full support for wired as well as wireless connections. Even one can have the facility of videoconferencing.

These laptops have screens that consume lesser energy and thus, save a lot. Not only one can afford better network connections but devices can be used without wire with the Bluetooth technology with these laptops. Along with this, one will get 5 in 1 media card reader to transfer pictures, videos, presentations, data, flash card, four USB ports, two additional, camera as well as digital phone for the videoconferencing. These features ensure longer durability. Customer will have 30 day guarantee and one year warranty with full technical support from Dell. Dell is also providing accidental coverage when unwanted accidents take place. So, everything is there for the benefit of customer. In this way, Dell vostro laptops are very much user friendly.


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