Employee scheduling software- Findmyshift

I have recently come across this web based Employee Scheduling software which is really very powerful.  I am able to create schedules, communicate with employees, manage requests and track my labor costs without having to go to my office and from the comfort of home.

The best part is not only me but all my employees are also able to access it any time.  I recommend it to all interested parties.

Here’s their demo if anyone s interested: https://www.findmyshift.com/staff-view?r=7f6t2g2o


The pricing is also very affordable, they have  personal, business & volunteer plans. Here’s the link to all the plans they have: https://www.findmyshift.com/employee-schedule-pricing

I am currently using the free plan and quite liking it, will upgrade depending upon my needs in future.

If you use it this software already, share your feedback with me in the comments section.


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Tribute to Steve Jobs Christmas tree San jose by Suraj Viswanathan

The Legend, the great inventor, Steve Jobs, has millions of admirers all around the world, everyone has a way to give tribute to this great inventor, one of the great tributes that I recently came across while searching for Steve jobs related videos on youtube was recently done by one of the great admirers in San Jose Christmas in the park, he decorated Christmas tree in the memories of Steve Jobs at Christmas in the park San Jose. Anyone can go there and see how they have tried to show their love for such a huge personality. Tree #120 is decorated in the honor and memories of Steve Jobs. The tree is going to stay decorated till 01-01-2012 as per Suraj Viswanthan, CEO AVL Moving Systems the fan who has decorated it.  Have a look at the video below:

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Garmin GPS brand

garminGarmin is a GPS brand that is very useful in traveling and it provides the best GPS gadgets in the world. GPS is a global positioning system and it allows us to travel hassle-free driving. In other words, GPS devices have become an essential travel companion for vehicles such as, cars, motorcycles, marine vessels and aircrafts. Whenever you travel by train or bus, you can easily get to know the places and distances by these devices. Using GPS devices has become very popular across the world these days while traveling. You can say that GPS devices are the most demanded electronic devices nowadays. The people in the world love to use these devices.

These days, the facilities of GPS devices are also available in mobile handsets.  But if you want to have the best GPS device, no other brand is better than Garmin. It has become popular brand among gadgets loving people. In the market, there are many GPS brands and models that are available, for instance, Magellan and TomTom. But Garmin is the best among other brands. It provides the best features in GPS gadgets. In addition, it is considered to be the best brand for GPS devices in the world.

The main thing about Garmin brands is that they are specially designed for motorcycle, marine automotive, aircraft and many more traveling vehicles. In clear words, this brand has become the leader of all GPS brands. Moreover, it has created a number of different GPS navigation devices and they all come with different features. These brands are full of varieties in navigation systems. These brands are coming with touch screen, voice recognition, and Bluetooth facilities these days. The most important thing about them is we can use them anywhere across the world. In addition to it, they can be used easily under any kind of weather condition.

Online shopping resource for Garmin products Ireland

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Business Laptops or personal your first one

Laptops are really a need of the hour these days; people buy it for their work for enjoyment and all the other purposes, a laptop in every household is nothing short of any other thing that is required. Those who are still waiting to get their first one should now go ahead and buy one. Before buying laptops you should be aware of a few things. I have listed them as follow:

  1. Is it your personal need
  2. A business need
  3. What make
  4. Budget
  5. Specifications

For the first, you should first realize what purpose your laptop is going to serve for you, if it’s going to be for your personal usage or for business purposes. If you want it for personal usage or for browsing internet and keeping in touch with friends online then a laptop of little lower specifications would be more than good, it will serve all your purposes and will cost very low. If your motive to buy a laptop is for business purpose then you should buy a laptop that has specifications that would serve all your office purposes in a speed that you would want. Your budget needs to be on a little higher end for such laptops.

Business Laptops

There are many brands; you can choose the one which you think is the best for you.

I personally love Dell Laptops; they are the most preferred world over. I have using Dell latitude and dell vostro laptops at my office and house. There are some friends who use Dell precision laptops; they say their laptops are equally good as the ones I use.

In the end I would suggest buy the laptop that will meet all your needs rather than buying any other that costs less and has very low operating speed.

Business laptops

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Maplin Electronics-Get the Best Electronic Good

One of the largest retailers of electronic goods in UK and Ireland is Maplin Electronics. The brand was established in 1972 by Roger Allen and Doug Simmons as a small business confined in the bedroom of Allen’s house. Inspite of a slow start in the business, the brand Maplin earned a good reputation by supplying the best electronic products.

Now-a-days the brand has expanded its business by opening 180 Maplin Electronic stores throughout United Kingdom and it provides an online catalogue and mail order also. The brand targets to reach the wide range of customers i.e, from general customers to technical experts and expand its business worldwide. It offers a wide range of electronic goods from audio/visual devices, computer components, television and satellite components to electrical goods like bulbs, solar energy panels and power adaptors. The MP3 players and portable televisions sold by the company are best in their quality.

The main attraction of the brand is that Maplin Electronics sells the branded quality products at a consistently lowest price in the local market. The main products that it is selling are TV, video, audio, cooking & small domestic appliances, multimedia and accessories with new technology.

The brand Maplin provides opportunity to everyone to get the best electronic appliance at the lowest price and to enjoy its best service throughout. Buying a plasma TV from Maplin, would be worth spending your money. Plasma televisions from Panasonic, Samsung, Philips, Pioneer and other best quality brands are offered by the company. Apart from the TVs and audio appliances it offers you with a wide variety of DVD Players, VCRs, Remote Controls and Cables.

The online store of the company provides you with the opportunity to select the outstanding collections of electrical goods at the best price. You will enjoy using these products and also to get the best customer service from its well trained staffs.

Products in Maplin discount

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Web world shopping

Web World shopping or shopping through the internet, best known as online shopping has been one of the major consequences of the growth of the electronic media. What started with the delivery of pizzas in the early nineties has now become a world wide phenomenon probably building on the concept that time is money.Online discount shopping

Gradually with the advancement of technology, shopping over the web has become one of the most sophisticated ways of buying things. Exposure to technology has helped the common people to reach the retailers directly by visiting their websites to purchase various articles and commodities of day to day life. A consumer can visit the virtual shops by clicking the mouse of his computer rather than running from one shop to another.  The price of a particular article can easily be compared with the price at other shops and the choice is also not limited with the stock in hand of a particular shop. It has no geographical boundaries. Anyone can visit a shop anywhere in the world and can place his order as per his choice. The only problem being that he is unable to try out certain things, like shoes and garments in person.

The consumer can purchase the articles just by sitting at home which not only saves his time and energy but also the trouble of carrying the goods back home.  After the goods are purchased, a confirmation mail is sent to his email account and the shop takes the responsibility of delivering the goods. It has also reduced the trouble of standing in a long queue in front of a cash counter and of buying too many items at one time. Rather, just by one click in the mouse the purchased items are added to a virtual carrying cart and the payment can easily be made by a credit / debit card. Apart from saving time and physical exhaustion, the consumer can avail this service on internet through out 24 hours and 365 days. There is no headache of any holiday and the opening and closing hours of a shop. He can take this opportunity to surprise his friends and relatives by sending gifts through these online shops stores.

However, for shopping online the consumer needs a computer with an Internet connection at his home along with online banking facility. Thus, only a particular class of people in the society with the knowledge of the computer and the Internet can avail this   opportunity. At first only people with higher level of income could use this technology but now-a-days with the easy accessibility of the computer and the Internet everywhere people from different classes can enjoy shopping from home.

The advancement of technology also poses the threat of crime as in this case at the time of billing the full information of the customer’s credit card is disclosed and if the website is not secured it can be easily accessed by crooks. In spite of such issues if the customer can buy the items at the lowest price, availing all the discount offers and deals advertised on websites, by sitting at home, it is the best way to enjoy this invention of the web world.

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The Pleasure of saving money through discount shopping

Everyone loves to save money while purchasing various products because there is no sense in paying more for an item if it can be availed at a lesser rate. Discount shopping offers a way to purchase goods at lower prices than the actual. There are discount stores which sell the products at reduced rates because of their efficient distribution method. Now-a-days with the emergence of several shopping malls, the concept of deals and offers has come to existence, where the consumers enjoy the fun of shopping at their budget prices. Some people prefer to buy in bulk specially the grocery items to save money. But others who do not have the option to store bulk items can always avail the discount coupons and get the products as and when necessary.

The trend of discounted offers can be found before major celebrations or occasions. For example the shops offer reduced rate for garments and jewellery before the Christmas. So the best option to go for budget shopping is before the occasions. Also due to the high demand of goods the prices of certain items rise on a particular time. For example during winter the prices of warm clothes will be higher than in summer. So it is better to buy goods beforehand to get them at a discounted rate.

With the advent of the web-world and the concept of online shopping, discount shopping has become very popular among the consumers. The retailers now cut down their production cost for promoting their products on a large scale. The concept of discount websites has emerged. These discount shopping websitesGadgets discount shopping offer various voucher codes, discount codes and promotional codes so that the consumers can avail discounts from the list of retailers displayed in these websites. The web has become the best place to get the best items at the best prices where both the buyers as well as the sellers are benefited. The buyers get the products at a reduced rate and the sellers can increase the traffic of their website as their websites are regularly visited to avail the daily deals and offers.

Discount coupons form an important marketing strategy of the companies to promote their products and made them easily available to consumers. Good websites always show the option to the buyer whether any discount will be available or not before the purchase of a particular item and usually on submission of the discount option the coupon code is confirmed. Online shopping has gained much importance over traditional shopping because of its convenience. For example, if some discounts and offers are made available in a store, the buyers would rush there to avail the discount within the specified time and date, however, shopping online and availing the discounts on the Internet helps them to avoid the crowd. Just by clicking the mouse of the computer the buyer can directly reach the website of the retailer to buy a particular product at the discounted rate. Availing discount on the Internet also reduces the trouble of cutting the discount coupons from newspapers and magazines with a fear of misplacing them. Online discount coupons are not only available for groceries, shoes, clothes and automobiles it is also available on travel packages, restaurants and hotels.

Above all discount shopping is the best way to buy even the branded products at a much reduced rate but one has to be very careful to choose reliable websites while shopping online.

Gifts and gadgets on discount shopping

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